Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OH, NO! Not more snow!!

Well, just a few flurries today, thank goodness. It is powerful COLD, though. Today I hope to finish a Freddy style quilt. I think the gal who made it may have done so in Freddy's class.
Tomorrow I teach machine quilting if there are enough signed up. I love to teach that class, because it is exciting to see the students make such wonderful designs when they think they can't do anything. Even they are surprised!
I worked some more on my paper piecing....a DeJoong pattern...something I never would do ordinarily. I don't like paper piecing. Anyway, it is coming along pretty well. I hope to get the top pieced in another month.
Well, guess I better eat some breakfast and get to WORK! I will write more later if I have time....judy

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  1. Knock,knock are you there? We are all waiting for another post! We need to schedule another day so you can add "widgets"! Give me a call.