Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Off to the Big Apple and CT

This is my second try...the first time I bumped a key and posted....I just can't get the hang of this blog stuff. I have totally given up on

facebook. This is my kitty ....Tommy Boy. What a handsome fellow, and a real character, to boot. He came with the house, and the older he gets the lazier he is. He mostly sleeps and eats...except when he takes a notion to whine to go outside at 5 in the morning. He does catch gophers, so he is a good hunter. I wish I could train him to pull dandelions and other weeds.

Today I leave for CT and New York. I will be teaching at the City Quilter in New York, so will be sure to get some pix of that fabulous shop.

It looks like the cruise to Alaska is moving along fine. I hope some of you will be able to come along with us. It is a featherweight cruise, and you can check it out at the Parkland Parish website. They are a great shop in Tacoma, WA. Sorry, but my blog skills are not good enough to post a link. I did once, but that was when Sharon was here to help!

I have been madly trying to get the book quilts out before leaving, but still have several more to go. Freddy Moran sent several and Kaffe and Liza too. They are really neat ones. Freddy is using lots of Kaffe fabric lately. I am starting a new kaffe quilt from the Provence is called Mexican Party...and very fun and colorful. JUst my style.

I have begun to feed the koi once in awhile. Our weather is still pretty cool, but the water temp is up around 50, so that should be pretty safe for them to eat. I hope by the time I get home from back east, the weather will be warm enough to feed them daily. I love to feed and watch them.

I am working on another lone star, cowboy style this time. I will post a picture of it as I finish it. I plan to use it in CT when I teach the lone star there. I am also working on another lone star with funky Paris is very fun...Timeless Treasures I think. It will give me a chance to put lots of funky fun colors together in the star points. I think I will make more pieces in each segment of the star, and use the Paris fabric for the background pieces.

Well, guess I better get back to packing for the big trip. FLying can be such a hassle these days. I am taking the red eye, so I don't waste a day flying. In the meantime I hope you all have a fun couple weeks enjoying spring, if ever it gets here.....judy

Off to the Big Apple and CT

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Studio, Quiltshow, and Stuff

See, some of my Kaffe stash. I had to sort it out some after finishing the diamonds last week. Now I plan to do one from the Provance book...Mexican should be pretty and fun. Nice and cheery fabric. Who would't love that Micahel Miller Orange and polka dot fabric...that is one of favorite all time pieces. I guess I should have bought the whole bolt. But I still have some in reserve for a couple more projects. Next is Stephie...holding some of her things, and smiling. She is such a great friend to have come and sew. I hope you checked her blog about her last trip. Stephanie Kwiltz. She will give you lots of inpiration. Well, today we worked on getting our Camano Quilt show hung for today and tomorrow. We got the studio sale ready. That is our flea market so to speak. You bring stuff, and change it for other people's stuff! Oh, I even swept the floor the other day in my studio. As you can see, it got swept, but still needs to go in the garbage can. Another thing I have been doing is quilting on my featherweight. I am practicing for the cruise where I will teach quilting on the featherweight. All you need to do is put an index card over the feed dogs...just poke a hole for the needle, and use a free motion foot....and quilt away. It works great as you can see. Well, gotta go and quilt on Kaffe's quilt for an hour or so....will write more about our quilt show. Hope you are enjoying your local quilt shows and getting lots of inspiration from them....have a great day. Judy

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quilt Show Coming

Good morning looks like the rain has stopped for the moment here. I was just about ready to get the ark built. The rivers are high and everyone's yard is a big pile of mud and water. My poor critters are slogging through the mud like crazy. I will be so happy to see some sunshine and warm weather. Our Camano Island quilt show is this weekend. It should be great, and the vendors and quilts will make for a great weekend. I have to get things loaded into the car for my part. Hopefully the rains will stop long enough for that.
I hope the diamond quilts cheer you up....I just got that one pieced. It is from Kaffe's last book about stunning quilts from simple shapes...I will be teaching it in Woodinville, WA this quarter. I had a chance to use lots of my Kaffe can never have too much the way, they are starting a new book. I just got about 5 pieces to quilt. They are going to do a lot with stripes and shot cottons this time around. I decided to use foundation muslin to strip piece my diamonds instead of just fabric and spray starch! It is a little heavier, but it does make it fast and easy to piece.

The Alaskan quilt is for the cruise to Alaska. I hope to be teaching this August on an Alaskan cruise. It is sponsored by Parkland Parish Quilt shop in Tacoma, WA. You can check their website for more information. Since I can't figure out links, I can't put one in my sad....and for all of you who are kind enough to leave comments...I don't know how to respond the them either. Yikes....I was never meant for this electronic age. My buddy Opal is trying to get me to text...don't know how, don't want to figure it out. Besides, my phone is way old, and if it goes kerflooey, I am in big trouble. I don't like those new skinny phones with pictures flying all over the screen. I was looking at electronics yesterday for a new tv remote....all I saw was i pods, iphones, some kind of games thingies, and more stuff than I knew existed for computers and phones...oh, and those funny new electronic for me, I like turning real paper pages....and smelling the smells of a book. I still have not gone into libraries since they did away with card catalogues. Something about those cards and smells....but I did buy a card catalogue at U of Washington when they sold all theirs from their libriaries. I love it and use it for all my small threads and goo gahs.

Well, gotta slog over to the pasture and feed the critters and then work on a Kaffe quilt. I hope to mail it today.

Have a great day, and for all you local folks, hope to see you at the Camano show this weekend.

Happy quilting.....jude