Monday, March 24, 2014

Keeping up with Judy and Sparkie!

Oh, My......just lost a whole post from Judy and will just write a few lines.
I have been busy quilting and Sparkie has been busy entertaining us with new tricks and playing with her toy mice.  She is quite the hunter.
Sadly, we had a big mudslide not too far from us.  One of my friends is safe in a motel.  Her house is about a mile away from the slide.  Another long-arm  friend has missing parents and daughter and fiance.   It looks like they may be among the dead at this point.  It was so sad, and happened so quickly that no one could even manage to escape from their homes.
We have much to be thankful for.  Our hearts go out to the missing and their families.  May God give them His Perfect peace as they try to  find the missing and try to deal with such a terrible loss.
NOTES FROM SPARKIE......greetings to all my people fans....just want to let you know how much fun I am having teasing mom.  I love to jump out and bite her feet as she hops into bed....and when she brushes her teeth I can get into the sink and have a nice drink of water from the faucet... I LOVE to do that.  I can't wait till spring when I can play in the pond and waterfall.  I also have been having fun messing up all the throw rugs in the bathroom and bedroom.  Mom is always tripping on them, and stepping on my little toy mice I drag around.  Mom says I am very entertaining!....Now I am going to crawl up on the desk and sit in front of the computer screen...I LOVE to do that.  I might have an email I need to answer.  Well, for now I am just going to curl up on a pile of invoices and take a snooze...hope you are all enjoying your spring from Judy and Sparkie.
 A couple of Freddy's latest collage quilts... she is making more!!!   They are so fun.

 A beautiful spring day.   I LOVE that tree!
I can never get the remote from mom....I want to watch TV for awhile.....