Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Too Many Catz!!

The daffodil field in La Conner...it is soooo pretty each spring.

My feathered star....this is what I taught the Goofballs last month....it is fun...red, white, and blue for me. My favorite.

OUr new kitty....I call her Cat.
The river in LaConner....a great place to go walking and shopping. After you check out the exhibit of quilts, of course!

Hi all....well, today started out nice and sunny, but it looks like the clouds have moved in. I still have to feed the critters their orchard grass....now that we are getting more spring, they can start eating the blackberries and grass. They have to earn their keep!!

We have a stray Siamese type kitty. I had decided to take her to the local Animal center...NOAH, and get her fixed. She is not a wild cat, but I couldn't quite figure out if she needed to be spayed or not. Soooo, got her appointment all set, grabbed her last Friday morning, and popped her (?) into a cardboard cat box....I wasn't in the car more than a few minutes...out popped her little face, she had poked through the box....I stopped and got her the rest of the way out so she wouldn't choke to death! She sat right beside me really nicely, but sang quite a song the whole way. The end of the story, no micro chip, and a shave job on her belly showed she had been spayed already. I think she must belong to someone, but she seems to have landed here permanently along with the neighbor cat who spends a lot of time here too, especially when the food is put out. So, I guess we have a new cat...outdoors strictly.

I am including a couple pix of my trip to the museum and the daffodils. The tulips will be early I think, but they are not out yet.

I finished my feathered star, and am getting ready for another lone star. Well, guess I better get busy in the studio.....in the mean-time, have fun with your quilts and other projects. Hopefully, you will not have any cats land on y0ur doorstep. JUdy

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the Big Experiment

This is an experiment..... I will try to post Marsha's link for her feathered stars.....

http://www.marshamccloskey.com/ Hey, I think it worked. Now all I have to do is figure out how to add it to my favorites with the proper address. Have a great day, all...judy
For an extra treat, this closeup is from my friend Sheryl's quilt. She took a class from Reynola Pakusich and created this work of art. She did some pretty tricky piecing in the quilt, not shown here!

Feathered Stars

Made by Jennifer in our Lone star class. Jennifer is a young gal of about 24, and it thrills me to have girls start out in quilting at such a young age!

This one is also Jennifer's quilt...it was in my mystery class, which turned out to be a feathered star!
This feathered star is made by Kim, Jennifer's mom....she is a perfect piecers...you should see the back side of her work...I could take a lesson!!

Cindy's quilt...she changed out the original feather points for the dark strip, which looked fabulous and better than the feathers. African fabric made it really sing!

This landscape is mine, made for our guild challenge. All will be donated to the LaConner Quilt Museum for a fundraiser during the tulip festival. I hope we raise lots of money!

Hi all...today is a strange weather day here...sunny with a mist falling, and now it is very cloudy....typical for here in the spring, I guess. But it is much better than snow and cold.

Our trees are blooming, the forsythia is nearing the end already, and I have daffodils in full bloom. The koi are looking for lunch, and I think all are accounted for, but it is hard to take a nose count while they are swimming around so fast, and switching spots. I still have not seen the 2 catfish, but I imagine if food starts to appear, so will they!!
All the other critters are fine, even our new stray cat that is still hanging around. I will have to post his picture soon....he waits to be fed every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner...his little belly is getting pretty fat. I wonder where he came from.

Today I am working on a really neat applique quilt, and will post a picture when I am done. It belongs to my friend Lorraine Jones who owns Seawatchfabric.com...check it out some time. She has great fabrics...asian and batiks mostly. THis quilt will be available by kit I think.
NExt up will be Freddy's quilts. She is at Asilomar this week teaching with Gwen Marston. I bet everyone is having a ball. My friend SuSan is there as well taking classes from Lura Schwarz Smith...I posted one of her quilts last time.
I am going to post some of the feathered stars the girls made in my class last Saturday....they did a great job. Cindy used African fabric and did one without all the little feathers...it is great....Marsha McCloskey has a new book and ruler you might want to check out. Check out her website.....MarshaMcCloskey.com I wish I knew how to do those link things. I will have to experiment with that, or get my guru here again.

Well, gotta eat some breakfast before I forget, and get to work. I have a long commute!! I will feed the goats and alpacas on the way across the pasture. Have a great day. Judy