Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some more Pix

All of these quilts were from my guild in New York...the Northern Star Quilt Guild. I even got to do a trunk show for them at their show. It is quite a large regional show, and the gals make great quilts as you can see.

I guess I am rusty. I have some more pictures to post, so will try now. I just did not want to lose all that writing. I still cannot figure out why there is so much space between my paragraphs with a blog...when I write it, everything is all close, with no spaces between....gosh, blogging is too complicated for my brain!! Judy


Greetings to anyone who is still out there. Can it be that it has been so many months since I have written on myblog.?? I don't think I have ever been this busy in years.

I had been working on Kaffe and Liza's new books, and it seemed that the pile of quilts only got higher the more I quilted. But, finally, the first week of August, I got the last one in the studio out to Liza....still a couple more coming I think.

I hope you will have a look at the new one...Quilts from Sweden....anyway, the quilts were all photographed in Sweden, and there are some great projects to make, not to mention fabulous settings for the pictures.

Well, my trip to CT and NY was great fun, especially hanging out with all my quilting buddies. And teaching at the City Quilter in New York City was fabulous. I met some great people there, and they did a wonderful job at machine quilting. Cathy has opened a great little gallery in part of her shop as well, so you might look them up on-line...the City Quilter in New York City. The gallery changes the exhibit so you get a really great look at some creative quilts by master artists.

The one day we went to the City to hang out was the biggest rain of the century. We looked like a couple of drowned rats, and it did not make walking around New York much fun, so we took a cab everywhere. I most sadly missed the big Red and White exhibit by one week. I hear that it may be a travelling show in the future, and if it MUST see it.

My friend Becky owns the Quilter's Corner in New Milford, CT. You can check it out on-line too. I love her shop with all its bright and funky fabrics. I miss stopping in on a regular basis. On a sadder note, two shops in CT had to close while I was back there. A sign of the times I we have to support our shops as much as possible. I think they are all struggling a bit these days. I am happy to have some local shops near me where I can still teach. As a matter of fact I am teaching at one today, The Quiltmaker's Shoppe in Arlington, WA. Today's class is on color. It should be fun, since I don't get technical with color wheels and such!

Our summer was slow in coming to WA, but finally we have been blessed with some sunny days. My weeds were as tall as me this year, but some of them have finally been pulled.

I hope your summer was fun....I will write about my big exciting Featherweight Cruise on the next post. For now, gotta go and quilt on Stephie's quilt....she has a fabulous blog. I will try to get her blog to you next time. Have a great day.....judy