Saturday, May 15, 2010

off to teach!

Quilts from Dale Fleming's class....if ever you get the chance to take her class...grab it!

The butterfly is from the cover of Dale's book.
The crow...oops, sideways! is from one of my students in the woven class....pretty neat.

Good morning friends....a sunny day here in Arlington! Yeah! It seems I can never find the time to write anymore. Shame on me. Today we are loading up 6 or 7 duffel bags of quilts to take to Longview,WA. I do a machine quilting class on MOnday with a trunk show Monday night. It should be loads of fun. I am working with Lady of the Lakes guild. They have over 100 members.....a smaller guild compared to some. I think I have about 16 students in the class. I love to teach machine quilting....the girls really surprise themselves with great quilting.

Well, in the last couple weeks the calf got loose....we got her back inside the fence she jumped.....the alpacas and goats are just their ornery selves. Jessie bonked me on the temple accidentally one day when I was bending over near her...ouch! They are doing fine, and grazing away.....of course the goats beg anytime you come near the pasture. And the fish are always begging. I am feeding them every day now with the warm weather. I even saw the big catfish for a second yesterday. He comes up and eats the fish food. Usually he will stay up a bit longer. I still have not seen the baby catfish, but I know he is down there since no one is doing the back stroke!!

I took a fun class with Dale Fleming Thursday, and will post a few pix of her quilts.....she works with circles and curves. It was fun, and another technique for my brain to use in the future. I used Australian fabric, and will turn my samples into a little wall hanging I think.

OUr shop hop is in about a month here...over 60 shops. Enough to keep your head spinning and car going for 4 days or so.

Well, guess I better get going and load the car with all those quilts.....not much other news anyway.....have a great week.....Judy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

critters and quilts

Another one of Freddy's for her new book!
Friday beautiful and perfect weather.

Snow geese on the way to La Conner Museum.

HI Friends....I cannot believe it has been so long since I have written...does that mean my life is dull....or am I just too busy....maybe both! In the past weeks we have chased alpacas and goats...escapees from our attempts at fencing them some new koi...and I have been teaching and quilting up a storm. Yesterday was a wind storm with winds nearly power went off and I couldn't work, so we went to the mall and walked around and added another koi to the pond....a pretty lemon yellow and white spotted one. I hated to put her into that cold water, but in she went.

I am all finished with Freddy Moran's last 18 quilts....for another book...lots of string quilts that are really neat. So be watching for the next book!!

As for Freddy, my friend Stephanie Davis has started a brown nose Freddy Fan club on facebook...if you love Freddy, see if you can find it on Facebook...I am not much help there I am afraid. It should be fun to see who signs up.

I am teaching this Saturday for my guild....the woven quilts....and in 2 weeks I will be teaching at Lady of the Lakes in Longview, WA....I am teaching quilting and doing a trunk show for them at their guild......maybe I will see some of you there!

It is a cold and wet spring and this morning I think it was hailing, too. I am looking forward to more teaching, and meeting more gals in guilds. Last Saturday I did a trunk show and demo for the Northwest Quilting Connection. What a great group of gals. I think I will join them. It will be fun to learn from more quilting friends.

I had a great time teaching in Friday Harbor....I took the ferry there, and taught a couple of Kaffe Fassett's quilts. The girls did some beautiful pieces....and they sure did feed me well!!

Well, today I am expecting a new quilter to come by the to me....his name is Luke Haynes and you can see his work on the web. It will be fun to work with a guy quilter...there are a few out there....Scott Hansen is another guy from my guild who does great quilts, too.

Well, gotta eat some lunch and get busy on the to finish and mail today, and another one to mail to CA.....yet this, hope you are all quilting and enjoying your moments of creativity....judy