Monday, January 12, 2009

Gray Skies...still!

The best news is that the sun should be coming by for a visit this week. Yea!!

In the meantime, I have lots to do. I will be working on Freddy Moran quilts this week. Freddy said her new book is already posted on Amazon for early orders. How neat is that! I am so privileged to work with Freddy, as she and I are kindred spirits, I think. And she even lives very near where I used to inCA...of course then, she wasn't yet quilting. SHe didn't start till she was there is encouragement to us all. I will post some of the quilts I did for Freddy. I LOVE her colors and whimsy.

My studio still overfloweth with stuff. I keep trying to beat it down, but somehow the stuff always wins. I think this week I should also finish the paper piecing project I am working on. I will have to post a picture of that some time soon. I saw the pattern at Nashville, and somehow was deluded enough to buy it and try it...I have never been a paper piecing fan. I plan to have it finished for our local show in March. I better get cracking.

Gotta get going to work today... raffle quilt, then Freddy's.....happy quilting to all. Judy Irish

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