Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Travelling to Port Orchard

Hi all....just a quick note before I leave for Port Orchard to do a trunk show and teach  at the West  Sound  Quilters' Guild.  It should be great fun to meet all the members and show them how to make Lone Stars and machine quilt.  This will be a new experience, taking the ferry to Kingston and driving south to Port Orchard.  I think I can find a new quilt shop to  visit, too.
I have been finishing up some quilts this week, just today a HUGE blue diamonds of all kaffe fabric.  It goes back to Pennsylvania.  The girls at Glorious Color have been very prolific of late!
I am working on my motorcycle quilt yet, and figure it will take all of my spare time till the end of May...gotta meet the mid June deadline for entry at the La Conner Museum Quiltfestival.   It is a juried show, so may not get in anyway, but I am having fun making the quilt all the same!!

The weather has warmed up a bit, but not too many sunny days around here yet.  The fish thought it was warm enough to say hi last week, but since I can't feed them for a couple month, I had to ignore them.  I think they look even bigger! 
Working on daddy's motorcycle quilt....got a long way to go...it is just in the embryonic stage at the moment.  Trying to figure things out!  The red plaid shirt was actually my dad's real shirt!

My friend Denise took my class last week and finished this  great quilt top.  She loves aliens and space fabric!
Hope you are all having fun with your creative endeavors....will let you know all about Port Orchard when I return.   Judy