Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fancy Feet

Well, here I am....still missing???  Gosh, where does the time go?   I guess I have been quilting up a storm, and especially trying to finish my daddy on the motorcycle quilt.  It has been much  more challenging than I thought.  I am not sure I am totally happy with the results so far, but since it is my daddy, I have had a good time thinking about him, while collaging and quilting the piece.  I think I have finally decided to just put a very thin black binding around it.
I had thought about photo corners, in black fabric, but nixed that one...then, just facing it, but with a dry run of black binding, decided that might be the best solution.  Thankfully the museum  extended the deadline by a couple weeks, so guess I will get it done...aiming for this weekend.
Well,  a few of the Goof Balls went on  a great field trip by ferry over to Kingson, Port Gamble and Poulsbo....great quilt shops and way tooooo much fabric to tempt the eyes and wallet.
Saw lots of great Kaffe fabric, and bought a few pieces, too.
I am still teaching at the shop in Freeland, WA on Whidbey Island.  You all should make a trek there if you get the chance...also a great Chinese restaurant just as you get to the turn-off.
This week is our Shop 60+ shops....I don't plan to go....I  like a road trip to fewer shops!  Anyway, got too many quilts to catch up on.
So, I had to post pix of my new tennies...guess I better not try to rob a bank  with those shoes is a dead give-away......
Well, guess I better get back to the long-arm....working a  gorgeous modern look quilt, by my friend Dorothy.   She does beautiful quiltz.
In the mean-time, happy quilting.   jude
 Check out my fancy feet!  I love these shoes!
 One of Freddy's new quilts....reminds me of my shoes...ha...
 One of my Goofballs, Shirley made this quilt.   Borders are still in beautiful.
More of Freddy's flowers.  She makes such happy quilts.