Monday, January 11, 2010

Long time, no Hear!

Hi all...seems like forever since I have written. I just can't seem to sit and get to the blog. Well, not all my fault. We had bought a new computer right after Thanksgiving, but it would not hook to the internet....we messed around about 3 weeks and it still wouldn't hook up. Then we finally took it back, got another one, and it wouldn't hook up either. The lap top would, but not the new one. Finally, we decided to call the trusty Geek Squad. That took another couple now it is Jan. 6....anyway, the geek guy finally figured out the problem...he had to trick the crazy thing to read the modem or router or something. Way too complicated for me. No one had a clue what the problem was. Now, you see why I prefer quilting to computing.

Anyway, then dear hubby had hernia surgery, which turned out great, so we are back to normal and here I am at the blog.

Thank goodness the only little snow we had melted by the next day. We did have some zero weather, but no snow yet. It has even warmed up enough so the koi are swimming near the top of the pond.....not good, but they are not getting a crumb of food from me. I hope they don't get too active before spring. they do look great, tho.

As for the goats and alpacas...finally they are getting along pretty well. At first the alpacas had the goats on the run. Then, they started stealing each others' food, and yesterday, the goats were butting the alpacas. They are funny little critters. I had to clip the goats' toenails yesterday. It is quite a job. They actually stay pretty still. My neighbor helped me. She has 5 goats she has rescued. So we have quite a menagerie in our neck of the woods.

Tomorrow the Goof Balls are coming to sew. I am going to show them an easy version of the lone star. We have guild meeting tomorrow nite too. Reynola Pakushich is coming. She does beautiful ethnic type quilts and works a lot with circles.

Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful new year and quilting a lot. I am stuck on this lonestar binge...I am working on number 4. Well, kids....gotta go, but thought I would write a few lines, since I have not done so lately. Have a great week....judy