Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goofballs coming!

This morning is another gray day, but sun is promised for this week. I suppose the koi are up a bit, as the weather is a bit warmer. I won't go look, because I want them to stay down!

This morning my little group of sewing gals comes by...we call ourselves the Goofballs!

We try to sew once a month, whoever can come. We have made tumbling blocks, collage quilts, and the Arab lattice quilt. If I could figure out a way to scan in some patterns, I would do that...but that will be for another day. I think you could find the Arab lattice on line. It is basically a 4 patch set on point with triangles surrounding. You learn how to do the partial seam technique. It is fun and easy.

I will have to post some pix of our work after today.

We have our large quilt guild meeting tonight. Frieda Anderson from the Chicago School of fusing is coming, and the workshop will be on Thursday.....fusing. My favorite.

Well, gotta go and eat breakfast and get to the studio to meet with the Goofballs.....Have a great day. Judy Irish
The picture of the tumbling blocks is made by my friend Becky Fraser in CT...she owns the Quilter's Corner in New Milford. I will have to send you her link when I figure out how!

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