Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Well, I certainly have not been writing on my blog of late....I wish I could do like many of you who write every day or so.  Somehow life has a way of keeping me too busy in other, this new blog format is HORRIBLE....I can barely find out where to write to post a blog...hope this is the right way to go.
The other day I had a visitor by my pond, or should say, my resident frog was stuck in the net we keep over the koi....I spotted him trying to get loose...and managed to catch him in my little net, pop him into  a bucket, and hold him there.  I  got hubby Ken to come and help..."take me up the road to that big ol swamp", says I.....Off we went, and found the biggest, best old swamp by the side of the road.  There was even a cute mallard in there, lots of logs, and lily pads....grasses and just great pickins for a big ol bull frog.  He was as big as two of my fists put together, maybe bigger...with spots on his belly.....I didn't want him eating my small koi, so re-location was the best solution.  I think he will be really happy in his new home.
As for quilting, I finished my Sara Nephew piece, the top anyway, and got several more customer quilts done...just heard from Liza and 10-12 more coming from her in the next few weeks.  Guess I better get going on all the others stacked up. 
Taking a paper piecing class Thursday through my guild...mandela style quilts  which are great....paper piecing NOT!   Hope I survive this one.  I want to make a koi and water lily style one, but not sure if I can with this technique.  I am going to try.

Well, gotta get to work, will try to write tomorrow or soon....will give you the blow by blow of paper piecing, jude  
Well, since I cannot figure out how to get the writing by the pictures, I will just let you know that the top pictures are of the infamous peacock quilt, then my koi, of course, and finally my glorious poppies...that seems to be the only things I can grow well.  Of course today they look pretty rough with all the rain that  beat on them.....have a great day, all.