Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Freddy inspired my black and white collection. I am changing out the blue and yellow fabric for some of my Asian fabrics. I have way to much bright and funky fabs, but they are just about my favorites.

Hi all...thought I would post some pix of my studio. Actually some of my stash shelves don't look half bad...the other jumbled up mess with the stuffed animals is on the living room floor....yikes....I need to open a zoo. Most of those bears were made by me, and I hate to give them up. Plus, there are about a zillion quilt magazines all over the place. My newest sorting method is to flip through the magazine really fast...if nothing catches my eye...boom...GONE!! I make copies of what I want to save and hopefully use one day. That seems to work pretty well, but I am getting behind in making the copies...of course I have to live nine lives like my cat to get all this stuff used up and made. But I hate to tear up magazines. Then I give the magazines to my guilds for sale. We use them to raise money.
SOme of the gals actually are surprised at my organizational skills. I only need a warehouse to get it all stored, and a ton of shelves to pile it up. Oh, well, I am making progress...friend Stephie is getting nervous with all my cleaning. I think she is worried I am losing my the sign in my studio........I have lost my mind, and nobody cares.!
Well, I will take some pictures of my classroom tables so you can actually see bottom. It is quite nice. I just have to find some more beads to embellish my QA challenge quilt. I never do hand stuff, but feel challenged to make the plunge on this one. I will work till I run out of ambition, time, and/or beads. Gotta go eat some dinner.....till later, Judy

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lunch at the Koi Diner

I finally finished (almost) my latest piece. I took this class from Barbara Shapel...she is great, and you should take any class you can from her.
I knew I wanted to make mine koi circling around the food! I am pleased with it, pretty much. I still have to add water lilies, and do some painting on the fabric. I may get brave and try to enter it in a juried show.
We had some more snow last week, and it is still mostly here. THe temperature has been so cold the rain has not been able to wash it away. I feel bad for all my friends in CT with 2 feet of snow, and more on the way. I am glad to not live there anymore.
Two of my Goofballs just left. They are a small group of gals who come the second Tuesday of the month. Dana was working on an Asian type jacket. We like to try new things and play around with some funky new ideas whenever we can.
I hope your new year is wonderful, filled with lots of great quilting projects and creative new ideas.
There is so much new fabric out there that it makes you head spin! I am definitely trying to NOT buy too much, as the more I clean my studio, the more I know that I don't need one more thing.
I just got a note from my friend KY. She helps birth foals....what a fun job to be around all those beautiful animals, and she is a FABULOUS quilter to boot. I have one of her fabulous leaf quilts.
Check my website, as I have posted this quarter's classes with the help of Jan, my website guru. I am going to post classes for the East coast in a few weeks.
In the meantime, as we try to thaw out, happy quilting.....judy