Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sewing Day and QuiltShow

Well, this week was busy with museum board meetings and our big guild quilt show! The quilt at the left was made by Deborah Haynes...who makes phenomenal quilts. This was inspired by Sara Nephew. I can' believe all the piecing, and it was a HUGE quilt to boot!
I was helping my friends Linda, Carol, and Danielle do the lighting at the show, a pretty big job. This is our last year to do that job...yippee.....We are going to let the young kids do all that hard
work in the future. We don't want them to feel cheated out of such a fun job.
There were lots of great quilts at the show, and our challenge this year had over 5o pieces. What clever and creative artists we have in our guild.
Our show lasts for 3 days, and we have quite a lot of vendors too. I did try to restrain myself and did a pretty good job of it if I do say so, myself!
Our next show will be the Camano Island show in early April. That should also be a great show. We only do that one every other year. It is smaller than the QA show mentioned above, but the fabulous quilts are still there in great number. We will have a smaller number of vendors and quilts, several demos of quilting techniques, and a studio sale where we bring our "treasures" to sell to raise money for the guild.
Then we are finished with shows for awhile.
We had fun sewing at my studio last Friday...that would be Opal, Susan, and Stephanie. Stephie made the cute little house in the picture from scraps of Freddy Moran's pillow we made for her. Stephie is soooo creative, and she even put her little heart inside the box.
As you can see Opal likes to take pix of what we do, including the Flat Stanley clothes we made for her grandkids. Opal made a couple little quilts to go with Stanley and they will go home to CA in Monday's mail. I was working on my new Kaffe quilt that will be a sample for a class next quarter. It is from his newest hardcover book...Stunning quilts for Simple Shapes...I think that is the correct title. There are many great quilts in that book, and several more that would be fun to teach.

Here is Opal hard at work as our official photographer! We really enjoy our Friday sew-ins and come away with many new and creative ideas. Everyone needs a little group to sew with, and hang out for creative refreshment. It seems like there is lots of creativity exuded from our little groupl
As you can see from the photo below, Stephie has done it again. I am so blessed to have these gals in my life. We are thinking of a group project to start in the coming months.

See the dapper outfits we made for the 2 Flat Stanleys. They even have hats! Well, we couldn't send them home without a proper wardrobe.

I think I will look for some good recipes to post in the future.
I think spring may be coming to our neck of the woods at last. Just lots of mud and rain now and then. Hopefully the snow is really gone for good.
We have much to be thankful for, and I hope we will remember those in Japan and other places who are suffering with earthquakes, floods, and wars.
Let's keep those creative juices flowing! Till next time.....judy

My cute little house made by Stephie. If you take the roof off, there is a little heart hanging from the roof....such a clever girl!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second Try

Okay...why won't the image thingie work on this blog???? I am not meant for the computer age. I have tried signing in again, and that still won't if I don't get any pix...I will just post my sad story without. I will never understand the computer world.....and to think some folks think I should send pix by phone and do there is a nervous breakdown waiting to happen!! Well here goes again.....Well, no luck...will try again in the morning......judy

OOPS! did I get all the same pix???? Stephie said I should try to post a little something every day....see, that is why I don't.....I can never figure out why I goof up so much....anyway, I will try again...the oops was for all the junk that fell over in my studio when Opal was over sewing with me. Luckily it didn't land on us or her sweet Cinda Lou doggie. I am working on the quilt to the left. It is a challenge, and the challenge now is to put all those beads and buttons etc. on for embellishments. I am getting tired already, and have lots more to go. I tip my hat to those who sit and hand sew or do all that fancy stitching and embellishing. I did get the sleeve on my koi threadwork quilt, which I think I got posted....I actually quilted the sleeve so the stitching would match the back better than just a piece of black fabric. I rather like how it turned out.
Tomorrow I am hoping to finish a client quilt and then maybe another one of mine. Our quilt show is coming soon, so the embellishments need to get done right away. Well, since I need to go and work on that piece...guess I better get going....good nite, Stephie.....this one is for you!! Judy

Oops..double oops....I don't know what button I pressed, but I posted a title before I was ready.