Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, here I am writing at night which is rare for me. I usually do the blog in the morning before starting work. I did finish the snowmen for my friend Pat in CT....and now I do her daughter's dresden plate in 30's fabric. It is really nicely done.

Today was the first day of our WA shop hop....soooo many shops and so little time. I just stopped by Aunt Mary's and got some polka dots and came back home....I need to save my money for the fishies....all that pond equipment is my big goal now. Besides, I have enough fabric to sink 5 battleships.

Today Stephie came over and we sewed on our quilts....we are each making a large 9 block piece...inspired by Freddy Moran. I think we will turn it into a class for the fall, and try some things out on the class. Stephie is sooooo talented and creative. We have a blast sewing together, too. I will try to post what we have been working on, as well as the snowmen going to CT. Not much other news....goat girls are fine, and the fish too. Tommy-boy has not caught any gophers in the past few days. I hope we have good weather for the pond project this weekend. I love working on that. Tomorrow a field trip to the La Conner Museum to see more of the Karen Franzin quilts...they are so spectacular. Till later, happy sewing...judy

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Look at that beautiful Freddy Moran quilt? No one has the sense of color that Freddy does? remember...RED IS NEUTRAL!!

Some scenes from our area of Washington....mistakenly posted a duplicate, and could not figure out how to delete one of the...but hopefully have figured out how to add script to the pictures. I learned yesterday, so better keep in practice.

Today is a busy day....but aren't they all?? A couple friends are dropping by to help me figure out some landscaping, and how to use my Round-up. I really hate to use anything strong for the weeds, but it's them or me....and I refuse to keep giving in to those rascally weeds...some of them of taller than I am now. I hope to get some weed cloth down and then get some ground cover going...maybe I can outsmart them.

I gave my Tommy-boy a good brushing this morning. He loves to go and roll in the dirt around the pond under construction. Then he drags in all that dirt and when I pet him, I get a big dust cloud! Tommy-boy is my black kitty...he is a sweet boy, and a great hunter. He has been catching little gopher mole like things...and proudly brings them to me for praise. Then I snatch them so he doesn't eat those never know the germs they may have.....besides, Tommy has plenty of MIaow mix to eat!

I am also going to a guild board meeting tonite, but first a visit to a new pond place near there. I may get some inspiration. It is always fun to see how different ponds are built and landscaped.

I am looking forward to doing a trunk show and lecture for the Stray Threads quilt guild next Thursday in Woodinville, WA. That should be lots of fun. Well, I am trying to link to the guild, but can't make it work...see, without my guru, I am lost!. For some reason I cannot minimize the screen to get to the website and link it. Oh, gosh, what a dunce I am with the computer. I guess I could try again. Well, I tried, but not sure it it worked....anyway, if not, check out the Stray Threads on line.

Well, guess I better get to work...have to finish some snowflakes today, and get ready to get rid of those pesky weeds....hope you all have a great day.

By the way, our Western Washington Shop Hop starts today...over 60 shops...can you believe that??? When I lived in CT, we had about 6, and that was in 2 states...ha.....have a great day...judy

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is part of our last weekend's work. We are trying to get ready to landscape between the old and new pond...and never have another weed ever!! Any suggestions. I think weed cloth is the only answer.

Some of the rocks...tiny ones. These will go along the edge of the stream.

Our new neighbor goat....they are cute. They don't make much noise like the girls!
Aren't I toooo cute???

Oh, Happy Day...sharon, my blog guru is here to help me with comments and editing. Everyone needs a blog guru, but you cannot have mine!

Sharon also heads up our American Hero Quilt Project in this Stanwood, WA. I will try to put a link to that for you as well. The main word here is TRY.....Check out the site, and if you can make a quilt....even better.

Our Busy Bee Quilt show is coming the last weekend of July. Check out our guild website.

We spent lots of time on the weekend working on the pond project. It is fun, but lots of work. We have a ton of rocks to move, and I do mean a ton. I hope I can get my neighbor to move a couple big ones with his tractor. I took some pix of the new neighbor goats...brown Swiss Alpine. They are cute boy goats, with horns!

Well, I hope you are all enjoying the sun...I know I am!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mystery Photo

One of the many really cute houses on Mackinaw Island. A Victorian Paradise. Don't forget to try to see the movie Somewhere in Time....filmed on location here.

Well, since I cannot figure out how to edit, I just thought I would let you know the photos were from Mackinaw Island, of my favorite places in the world. NO cars...just horses and bicycles. Lots of fudge too. I grew up in Michigan loving to go there, and whenever we go back, we always take a we will again this September. There are several great quilt shops in Michigan...especially the Ice House in Grayling. Well, I will see if I can post a couple more pix from Mackinaw Island....I hope you can get there some day, too. Judy

Still quilting!!

Good morning!

Today should be a great day, even with the overcast. THat means it may be cooler with NO rain. Hopefully the weeds won't grow quite so fast. That makes me happy since I must have pulled a ton of weeds on Friday. Some of them are taller than I am. Got lots more to pull. I think I am going to resort to weed cloth to keep them at bay, especially around the pond area.

I finished a quilt for Liza and Kaffe, shipped it, and still have for tomorrow. I finally got my whole cloth up to work on. I will take it down if I don't finish today...too many other things to do.

I see the goat girls are trying to climb the trees in the pasture. THey like those tender little leaves on the alder trees...which are more weeds than trees. We managed to fence them off from my big, old cedar tree. I will have to post pictures of my neighbor's goats....theirs are brown with horns, and pretty cute, too.

This week is our guild and I will show the day group how to piece backs on easy and fun. Otherwise, I mostly have quilts to do for our show at the end of July. We are holding it at the Monroe, WA highschool. I still have a couple tops of my own to quilt. Then there are the samples for the fall classes to prepare. I am glad I never run out of things to do!!

Guess I better find a picture or two to post for today. I have to get some pix out of my camera, so next time I may post pond pictures. Have a great day...Judy

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hi all....well, today we had a big, fun time on goat patrol....those little rascal girls got loose, at least one of them. Our neighbor was trying to get his fence up so his cows can use our pasture, and, of course those rascal girls had to get nosey.....One hopped right over the fence. She outsmarted 3 adults trying to capture her. In the end, the old food trick got her back on the right side of the fence. We had to reinforce and make some fence higher. Her real momma got more fence around the cedar tree, so that won't get any more damage from chewing. Tomorrow the neighbors get their two goats from the goat rescue. I think this neighborhood is going to the goats. Have to admit they are cute.

Check out the cute goat quilt I just finished by Tanya Pedroni of Lafayette, is absolutely terrific. I think I will have to make a goat quilt too.

I had a great time at La Conner Museum meetings. I am now the member in charge of securing vendors for our Quiltfest in October. I wish you could all come to the Museum. It is fabulous.

We are having some famous applique folks come in 2010, but more later on that.

I have to get going on my whole cloth quilt for our guild show. Have other things in line as well.

Well, guess I will post the goat quilt and go give my arm a rest. I hope you all have a great weekend, and I will continue the saga of the goats next week. Hopefully all will be quiet on the western front. We don't need any more goat escapees!! Judy Irish