Thursday, January 8, 2009


Greetings from WA....and the land of RAIN. Now we have great amounts of rain, most of the snow washed away, and higher temps in the 40's. There are many rivers flooding last night and this morning. We live on the high side of one of the main problems, so we are safe. I hope I can get into town today to pick up batting at the Post Office. So far now major damage, but lots of preventive measures, and cars in the water. I think today will be the turning point for the high water. This will be a winter to remember for years to come. Hopefully no one will sustain major damage or bodily injury.

I checked our pond yesterday, and it is half full of snow water and run-off. We didn't get the liner in last fall, so it will have to disappear on its own, or we will pump it out later in the spring. Our new little stream was doing pretty well with excess water running toward the new pond. I will have to post some pix of that project.

Today I will be finishing a quilt for Mandi at Over the Rainbow. Check our their website.... Be sure to check out their quilting website. You will enjoy it, their stories, and all the great STUFF.

We are supposed to have our Camano Island guild meeting tonite, if the water isn't too high. We will decide by noon.

Well, I guess I better get to work. I will try to post some recipes next time. I think I need a tutorial from Sharon! Have a great day....judy irish

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