Monday, November 26, 2012


How the time flies, and what can transpire in a few short weeks!!
  I guess the most momentous would be the successful surgery my sister-in-law had for a benign brain tumor.  You would never know she even had surgery....the miracles of modern medicine do surely give us much to be thankful for.  She is recovering and has a little therapy to work on for her right arm.  Then my other sister-in-law had a successful gall bladder surgery!  I think we have had enough surgery for awhile!
I have only been quilting and teaching, and staying quite healthy for an old woman!  I managed to get a few tops done and the backs as well.  Now I only have to quilt them.  Had a fabulous time teaching at the Woodinville Grange for Gathering Fabric this past Saturday.  What a great little group of gals that is....and so creative.  We plan to meet monthly over the next several months.  We picked up one new gal and she was working on a great little  square using Kaffe fabric.  I started Headlights and still have that one to finish!
I must get going on my challenge quilt, and a Pelican that has been haunting me for years to make.  I hope that one gets finished this year.  I even got most of the fabric already!
Well, now I have to figure out how to change the red color in my blog for easier reading...thanks for the suggestion, Sally...Sally is a quilting friend who is a FABULOUS quilter in one  of my guilds. 
 What a messy worker I am.....that is my workspace at the retreat..what FUN!!

Opal brought tubs of scraps for sharing and we made a quilt to donate to Camp Brotherhood where we "Retreated"  Didn't make a dent in the scraps!

My spider web quilt in process.  All finished now.

Speaking of this picture early one frosty morning...didn't have a great camera for close-ups, but tried anyway!
Well, I better get I have a 12 Days of Christmas quilt to start and hopefully finish by tomorrow for shipping...I hope you all have some quilting time this holiday season.....will post pix tomorrow or asap......judy