Friday, May 25, 2012

OH, blog settings and stuff!

Well, girls....every time I get something figured out, they change it up on me.   I will try to write a few lines before I go off  to the studio to hang out with my quilting buddies today.   I have to finish Freddy's  Apple Orchard quilt, and then work on my entry for the quilt show.....I got it all done, except for some borders.  Looks pretty good, too.  The blocks were made by the girls in my guild, and I added signatures from a family reunion.  I called it Family Farm, but may change the title yet!  I still have some things to post from Michigan, but need more time to figure out this new format.  I think the old way was just fine, if you ask me.

I just want to post a couple pictures, and then get to work.....have a great day, and hopefully this will get posted to my blog!   Judy    See....the new format makes my life a photo is my sweet Tommy Boy.  His blood sugar was over 400 yesterday again.  The vet says to give him 2 units of insulin in the AM and 1 at night.  I hope he doesn't get too low and have seizures again.  The poor old guy.  The gal at the vet says Tommy is her favorite old man cat!  The peacocks are a quilt I am working on for Sara Nephew's up-coming the borders yesterday from OVer the Rainbow, and the flowers and vase are for Freddy Moran....we are pillow turning her quilts now so she doesn't have to sew on the bindings.  They are really neat!   Have a great day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back Home

Here we are back home again from our big trip to Michigan....and with souvenirs....two big colds!!  It seemed everyone out there had colds!  I ended up taking some antibiotics and still have not quite got rid of everything....and I spend all my time yelling at hubby...his ears are still plugged up.  Guess the plain ride didn't help.  Now I find that my blogging is all goofed up with some kind of new blogging thingie that is way more difficult than what I was used to..I couldn't even get it figured out to see if I was into my blog site to post today.  Well, I will write a few things for a trial run.

As you can see my two classes at Smith Owen in Grand Rapids were quite large...and were they fun!  What a group of great gals and fabulous quilters to boot!  I sure hope I get back there again...not to mention the fabric in the store...WOW...and the displays for the fabric were wonderful too.

We drove up to Traverse Bay area and over to Mackinaw City....cold and windy, but sunny that day.  Mackinaw City is still desserted till later in to find a place for dinner was a bit of a challenge.  In the summer months things are really hopping up there......but on the way from Traverse to must stop in to see Renae's Fabric shop Williamsburg, MI....a small house just packed with the most glorious, gorgeous fabrics.....way to tempting.   Well, with that little note I am going to close this to see if I can post on this newfangled blog whatever......will write more about the trip next time...if there is a next time!   Judy