Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Thursday

This morning is cold, grey and foggy again. Had a good board meeting for our guild last night. We are planning a Quilter's Olympics game in June. We will divide into teams and see which one can make the most blocks. Team members will each have a job, such as ironing, cutting, sewing, running, etc...It should be fun and a little different. Of course we will have goodies to eat...a potluck salad bar with ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Oh, yesterday's pictures were posted with no explanation. That is because I couldn't figure out how to add words after posting the pictures.

The Jack of Clubs was a challenge piece for my guild, and small--only about 18 by 24 or so. We drew a card and had to build our idea around the card we drew. As you can see, I did a very literal interpretation. Others were more creative. It was fun to do.

As for the red, white, and blue will never guess that one. It is the floor of my studio. After we did all the wall painting, I painted the floor with Muralo, a great, sturdy paint. I used a beige tone, and then with rollers, painted various stripes, and using a little roller with stars on it, painted all the the stars. What fun! So easy, and fast, as it was all done with rollers...using a long handle of course! People think I actually got on the floor and stencilled the stars.

I will some day post a picture of the design wall I put in as well. It works great, and covers my stash cupboard as well.

I will post a few pix from my drive out to Camano Island and our trip to Over the Rainbow. My hubby put them in the computer last night. Have a great day...I have a Freddy Moran quilt to finish today. Judy IRish

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