Monday, April 21, 2014

Connecticut and New York....Here I Come!!

How exciting to think about getting back to CT and seeing my quilting buddies....not to mention how exciting it is to teach at the City Quilter in Manhattan.  I am looking forward to meeting Julie...a wonderful quilter whom I met by quilting her lovely red and white quilt, seeing my nephew and his wife,  Marilyn, Sarge, Skeeter, Gina, Mary, Becky, Pat, Susan, Linda...ok....I must have missed someone.   We will have fun at the Northern Star Quilt show, seeing the Pilgrim Roy exhibit in Boston, have class in New York and Sherman, CT.....girls nite out at the Cookhouse....and just hanging out and catching up on old times and new!
Oh, noooo...that means I leave Sparkie at home with Ken.....oh, my.  She has been a naughty girl a bit lately...but has a good story to tell  about her mouse adventure.
I hope we have a nice full class in New York.  Last time we did, and had so much fun. 
I just taught a class in OR and the girls did a fabulous job doodling  on their quilts.  They said it was much easier than they thought.
Trying to finish all the quilts for the next Rowan book.  Some very neat designs and great fabric as always.  Kaffe Fassett and Liza never disappoint....each new book is always so great....especially all the photos.

Notes from Sparkie....Hi to all my fans....aunts and uncles and cousins.   This spring has been pretty quiet, but mom says I have been naughty again....I was on the dining room table and the kitchen counter.  Even though I look so cute drinking water out of the faucet in the bathroom sink,  she says I DO NOT belong on the table our kitchen counter.  I have been much better lately.
  But I did help mom catch a mouse.  I had to do something to get back in her good graces!
One morning when mom got up I had a mouse cornered in the kitchen.   We sure did surprise her.  I thought I was doing a pretty good  was wondering what all the noise was about.  Then she say a little brown thing on the floor....which turned out to be the mouse.   I was having a good time playing with it, too. Then mom tried to catch it and the mouse quickly ran into a cupboard that wasn't tightly closed.
I tried to catch it but the mouse got the best of me...I stayed in that cupboard for hours and never did get it.
Then,  later that night  I was making lots of noise and knocking things over when mom got out of bed about midnite...."What is going on...she yelled?"....Well, since I can't talk, I just kept chasing down that mouse. It seems he had gotten brave enough to come out of hiding....but I tracked him found us in the bathroom.  I had that mouse cornered pretty good.  Mom got a broom, and whacked him....he was kind of stunned...and mom was able to catch him and put him outdoors...She was proud of me, and said what a good kitty I was.  She said we had never seen a mouse in the house before.  Hopefully we never will again.
Mom went to OR to teach and left me home with dad.  I had a pretty good time...I like to run around the living room and climb on the back of the couch, up the chair and the quilt ladder.  I get a pretty good view from up there.
Well, mom keeps talking about taking a trip to something called CT....I hope she isn't gone too long, because I get lonesome during the day.  She always comes over to check on me.  I think she is going to take me outside one of these days, when it gets nice and warm outside.  I hope you are all enjoying your spring.  It is slow arriving here.   I will write again soon, when I can think up some more cute antics to write about....Sparkie
I have Kat's quilt here, the one with the peace sign....she does beautiful quilts...her blog is kellygirlquilts.

 She does beautiful things.

 These were the chickens that belonged to my hostess i OR...the rooster got fresh and jumped on my leg leaving a couple toenail  prints.  What a naughty boy!  I survived!!

This is the sample we are going to use in New York for the gals to try.  It is a collection of a lot of different at a time it is easy....I have used it in other classes now, so I know they can do it, too.   I used some paint and crystals, too...just for fun!  I am looking forward to seeing what great things they will stitch.