Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sun at Last!

This morning and most of the day....FOG, FOG, FOG.... Finally, near late afternoon, we got some sun. Hopefully there will be more to come.

It looks like the snow beat the weeds down, which will make it easy to find the plants and get rid of the weeds for awhile, anyway.

My brother and his wife finally got here for a couple days. They couldn't get through all that snow for Christmas or New Year's Day. We didn't do much...I did some quilting, and worked on a challenge quilt for my guild.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the class we took with Frieda Anderson. My challenge is a fusing project as well. It is so easy, and you can do lots of things that don't work well in piecing. I discovered that Wonder Under works better with the weaving, as it is not so stiff and hard. I hope the finished project looks as good as now...unfinished! I will have to fuse and quilt it.

I will post a few pictures to serve as a reminder that spring is coming someday. Tomorrow or Monday I will try to post some pix from the Hero sewing day that was held here in Arlington.

Have wonderful and blessed Sunday...Judy

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