Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Spring?????

Greetings to all of you in outer space! I have my friend Sharon here helping me create this fabulous blog. I still live in the stone age, so need all the help I can get with anything computer. I am a much better quilter than computer...I hope you will visit my blog when you have some time. I will try to post something often.

We have been buried in snow for the last three weeks. To think I moved out here from CT to get out of the snow. My friends back there never let me forget that I am buried in snow in WA. We had nearly 30"....after 3 flakes I have had enough!!

I was born in MI, so I know all about snow...but of course my mom was raised in Cumberland, WI.....40 below and walking three miles in the snow, uphill, of course. (She really did.....she also stuck her tongue on the windmill one freezing cold morning...I guess she never did that again.) Enough of memory lane....

I have been quilting the last few days...one for Freddy Moran...do you know Freddy? She is fabulous and so much fun...the color queen...red is neutral!

I also tried to dig out my studio, but that may be a lost cause. I love STUFF...

For now I am in FOG, not the blog....I will try to post some recipes and pictures of my quilts....oh, we are building a new koi pond....so if anyone has any advice about that project, feel free to add your two cents!

Talk to you later....gotta go skate over to my studio....I think I will treat Sharon, my blog teacher to a great burger at the Red Robin......talk to you later.

Judy Irish

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  1. Great pictures, where is Frosty the Snowman? He should be sitting in front of the gazebo. Today is rain all day and the river has crested so we should be out of danger of flooding.

    The pictures of the summer quilt show are great.
    You do good work and as always your quilting is wonderful.