Tuesday, September 8, 2009

runaway goats and horses!... BON VOYAGE

Well, after moving day, chasing fish around a pond, what more could we have loose? I think I told you about the ducks....that was one exciting adventure chasing 16 ducks into a cage so they could go back home where they belonged......then a week later, coming home from church...there it was!

A tree leaning on the hood of my poor old Suburban. Thankfully, no damage to the car, but the tree is now firewood. We don't have many trees in our yard, proper. They are all down in the pasture and around the perimeter. So, even tho this was just a scrub alder, I hated to see it go. It had grown about 20-30 feet tall just since we moved in about 7 years ago. ....not to be outdone, out of the corner of my eye are 2 horses running around our back yard and orchard. It seems the neighbors' horses had escaped their fenced in pasture. I bet they had some tummy ache after eating all those apples and plums.!! It was quite a trick to lure them back inside so we could re-attach the fencing. Let's see, missing goats??? Well, after the horses were put back....then the neighbors goats got out...seems they finally chewed their way through 10 feet of blackberry hedge and into the neighbor's garden....home again.....let's see, I don't think we have any more critters that can escape for the moment. I certainly hope not, as we leave in an hour for Michigan.

Hopefully, that will be a most uneventful trip...just fun visiting family, friends and old familar places. I am looking forward to seeing Mackinaw Island again...one of my favorite place. I also want to see if a new cabin was re-built on our old cabin site. Last time the whole cabin was gone, and all that was left was a bare lot. It was quite sad to see.

Since I am doing a trunk show and class in Arkansas at a guild, we are lugging lots of quilts. With our up-grade to first class, we can each take 2 suitcases, so that helps with all the quilting stuff. Well, I guess I will have to write when I get back and post some pictures of the sights we see....hope you all have a great beginning of this fall season. It is hard to believe it is already September. I will sadly miss Innovations this year. That is all for now...but will write when I get back....judy
PS...the pictures are of the run-away ducks....my attempt at landscaping around the pond, and from the Ricky Tims seminar....me with Ricky and Libby Leman....they are so gracious about their work and pictures. What a fun 3 days that was. (Got saddlesore, for sure!!)