Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hi all....well, today we had a big, fun time on goat patrol....those little rascal girls got loose, at least one of them. Our neighbor was trying to get his fence up so his cows can use our pasture, and, of course those rascal girls had to get nosey.....One hopped right over the fence. She outsmarted 3 adults trying to capture her. In the end, the old food trick got her back on the right side of the fence. We had to reinforce and make some fence higher. Her real momma got more fence around the cedar tree, so that won't get any more damage from chewing. Tomorrow the neighbors get their two goats from the goat rescue. I think this neighborhood is going to the goats. Have to admit they are cute.

Check out the cute goat quilt I just finished by Tanya Pedroni of Lafayette, is absolutely terrific. I think I will have to make a goat quilt too.

I had a great time at La Conner Museum meetings. I am now the member in charge of securing vendors for our Quiltfest in October. I wish you could all come to the Museum. It is fabulous.

We are having some famous applique folks come in 2010, but more later on that.

I have to get going on my whole cloth quilt for our guild show. Have other things in line as well.

Well, guess I will post the goat quilt and go give my arm a rest. I hope you all have a great weekend, and I will continue the saga of the goats next week. Hopefully all will be quiet on the western front. We don't need any more goat escapees!! Judy Irish


  1. Love the goat wall hanging!!! Im getting ready to do a Lion Head wall hanging.... Hope mine turns out as well as yours did... Great job!!!

  2. Hey Judy! Just saying "hi". I am working on making unique skirts, hand bags and Elannah's birthday quilt. (her birthday that I gave her fabric for was 6 months ago) Well, there are other things that I do, too.

    Love to you. Lori

    Oh. Thanks for your call the other day.