Monday, June 15, 2009

Still quilting!!

Good morning!

Today should be a great day, even with the overcast. THat means it may be cooler with NO rain. Hopefully the weeds won't grow quite so fast. That makes me happy since I must have pulled a ton of weeds on Friday. Some of them are taller than I am. Got lots more to pull. I think I am going to resort to weed cloth to keep them at bay, especially around the pond area.

I finished a quilt for Liza and Kaffe, shipped it, and still have for tomorrow. I finally got my whole cloth up to work on. I will take it down if I don't finish today...too many other things to do.

I see the goat girls are trying to climb the trees in the pasture. THey like those tender little leaves on the alder trees...which are more weeds than trees. We managed to fence them off from my big, old cedar tree. I will have to post pictures of my neighbor's goats....theirs are brown with horns, and pretty cute, too.

This week is our guild and I will show the day group how to piece backs on easy and fun. Otherwise, I mostly have quilts to do for our show at the end of July. We are holding it at the Monroe, WA highschool. I still have a couple tops of my own to quilt. Then there are the samples for the fall classes to prepare. I am glad I never run out of things to do!!

Guess I better find a picture or two to post for today. I have to get some pix out of my camera, so next time I may post pond pictures. Have a great day...Judy

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