Monday, June 15, 2009

Mystery Photo

One of the many really cute houses on Mackinaw Island. A Victorian Paradise. Don't forget to try to see the movie Somewhere in Time....filmed on location here.

Well, since I cannot figure out how to edit, I just thought I would let you know the photos were from Mackinaw Island, of my favorite places in the world. NO cars...just horses and bicycles. Lots of fudge too. I grew up in Michigan loving to go there, and whenever we go back, we always take a we will again this September. There are several great quilt shops in Michigan...especially the Ice House in Grayling. Well, I will see if I can post a couple more pix from Mackinaw Island....I hope you can get there some day, too. Judy

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  1. What great pictures of Mackinaw Island. I first saw the island on TLC's Little People Big World. Looks like me kind of place. GLad you had fun w/your guru (my mom)!