Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is part of our last weekend's work. We are trying to get ready to landscape between the old and new pond...and never have another weed ever!! Any suggestions. I think weed cloth is the only answer.

Some of the rocks...tiny ones. These will go along the edge of the stream.

Our new neighbor goat....they are cute. They don't make much noise like the girls!
Aren't I toooo cute???

Oh, Happy Day...sharon, my blog guru is here to help me with comments and editing. Everyone needs a blog guru, but you cannot have mine!

Sharon also heads up our American Hero Quilt Project in this area....in Stanwood, WA. I will try to put a link to that for you as well. The main word here is TRY.....Check out the site, and if you can make a quilt....even better.

Our Busy Bee Quilt show is coming the last weekend of July. Check out our guild website.

We spent lots of time on the weekend working on the pond project. It is fun, but lots of work. We have a ton of rocks to move, and I do mean a ton. I hope I can get my neighbor to move a couple big ones with his tractor. I took some pix of the new neighbor goats...brown Swiss Alpine. They are cute boy goats, with horns!

Well, I hope you are all enjoying the sun...I know I am!

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