Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Look at that beautiful Freddy Moran quilt? No one has the sense of color that Freddy does? remember...RED IS NEUTRAL!!

Some scenes from our area of Washington....mistakenly posted a duplicate, and could not figure out how to delete one of the...but hopefully have figured out how to add script to the pictures. I learned yesterday, so better keep in practice.

Today is a busy day....but aren't they all?? A couple friends are dropping by to help me figure out some landscaping, and how to use my Round-up. I really hate to use anything strong for the weeds, but it's them or me....and I refuse to keep giving in to those rascally weeds...some of them of taller than I am now. I hope to get some weed cloth down and then get some ground cover going...maybe I can outsmart them.

I gave my Tommy-boy a good brushing this morning. He loves to go and roll in the dirt around the pond under construction. Then he drags in all that dirt and when I pet him, I get a big dust cloud! Tommy-boy is my black kitty...he is a sweet boy, and a great hunter. He has been catching little gopher mole like things...and proudly brings them to me for praise. Then I snatch them so he doesn't eat those never know the germs they may have.....besides, Tommy has plenty of MIaow mix to eat!

I am also going to a guild board meeting tonite, but first a visit to a new pond place near there. I may get some inspiration. It is always fun to see how different ponds are built and landscaped.

I am looking forward to doing a trunk show and lecture for the Stray Threads quilt guild next Thursday in Woodinville, WA. That should be lots of fun. Well, I am trying to link to the guild, but can't make it work...see, without my guru, I am lost!. For some reason I cannot minimize the screen to get to the website and link it. Oh, gosh, what a dunce I am with the computer. I guess I could try again. Well, I tried, but not sure it it worked....anyway, if not, check out the Stray Threads on line.

Well, guess I better get to work...have to finish some snowflakes today, and get ready to get rid of those pesky weeds....hope you all have a great day.

By the way, our Western Washington Shop Hop starts today...over 60 shops...can you believe that??? When I lived in CT, we had about 6, and that was in 2 states...ha.....have a great day...judy

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  1. Nice pictures Judy. We'll have to have a "refresher" course on the links!