Saturday, March 28, 2009

Longarm Meeting

Hi quilters!

Today was fun. We had a longarm meeting and it was very well attended. Nearly 20 longarm quilters from the North Sound area near Everett, WA and surrounds......of course we had a great lunch as well, and lots of gabbing and sharing of tips. We have more and more new quilters each time....all you need is to have an interest in machine quilting. Some have large machines, and others small or mid-arms and some still are just dreaming of getting their machines. But we all love machine quilting.

One of the tips we discussed was oil on a quilt...which may happen if you get an oil drip from your machine. Many of us have had a lot of success with sops up the oil quite well. You may have to leave it on overnight, but you should have quite a bit of success with this trick. BUt ahead of sure to wipe down your machine and watch for oil drips in and around the table and head of the machine.

I shared my love of Marathon Thread, especially the gold and black twist and silver and black twist metallics. I LOVE them. Check on line for Marathon Thread. They also have great rayon variegated threads in some unusual colors and are priced very reasonably.

Oh, the goats have names...I guess they came with names...Brooklyn and Jerry. I am getting pretty attached to them, so I hope they stay for quite awhile! The pictures posted are from today's meeting. I hope you enjoy some of the quilts we shared. Will post again tomorrow...Judy


  1. Good job on adding the link to Marathon. Not exactly like I showed you ,but it works! Yesterday was fun. Nice to see so many faces!

  2. It was a great meeting. I really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the next. Thanks for the post on Marathon, will be checking it out. Also the heads up on "Heart Beat" quilting for a source of batting.