Friday, March 27, 2009

The Goat Girls!!

Good morning to all you quilters out there....hey, I have 2 girl goats in my pasture...on loan, of course. Unfortunately, I may be pretty sad when they leave. They are pretty cute, and talk to me....baaaa.....baaaaa...I have them on loan, hopefully to eat my blackberries which are taking over. I think we need names for them. Any ideas??

I am experimenting to see why I have so much space between paragraphs. My Guru Sharon is here..yeah......oh, she will make a link to her blog from mine. Ain't technology grand!!

PS. I got the greatest chicken fabric yesterday on a mini-shop hop. It was at the Keepsake Cottage in Bothell, WA.
I hope you enjoy Freddy Moran's colorful quilts posted above, and my cute little goat girls!

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