Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in the Saddle!

Good morning quilting friends!

Anaother rainy morning in our neck of the woods. I wanted to take pictures of my cute goats, but want to wait for a sunny day. They talk to me everytime I go to the studio or they get within earshot. I hope they get busy and eat some of those blackberry vines and all that grass. When spring comes and it gets warmer, I think they will eat more!

Well, it seems good to get back to a more normal poor hubby, I am always asking and checking on how he feels. I am sure he is happy to get back to work too. I guess that is a normal reaction....even he says so!

Today is Freddy Moran day again. I want to finish one and try to finish another...they are small, and then there are at least two pretty large ones to do as well. I think after these I will do this really neat LARGE chicken quilt made by my friend in CT....if I don't get this one done pretty soon, it may be my X-friend in CT...ha...

I will post a few more pix from our quilt show last weekend, a smashing success. I even got invitations to speak and teach at two in Anacortes, WA and another south near the ORegon border. I love to do trunk shows and share all my quilt memories with other quilters.

Well, guess I better get to work and get a few pix posted and head to the studio. I hope you all have a wonderful and sunny day, wherever you are....oh, my friend and blog guru Sharon will be here Thursday to help me on the blog. Maybe I can figure out some links and a calendar. I wish I had a computer brain! Happy Quilting!

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