Friday, February 27, 2009

The Eagles Have Landed!!

Oh....this morning I was looking out my front windows when I spotted several eagles soaring. We live about one mile from the Stillaguamish River, so don't often see them, but there they were!! I watched them and then one huge guy landed in the top of a huge, tall tree. There he sat for some time...I couldn't get him to fly away for a good picture, in spite of the neighbor's dogs barking like crazy. I thought it would be so great to be sitting up there surveying the countryside as that great and majestic bird was doing. He finally flew away, but dropped to the far side of the tree, so I couldn't get a good picture. Maybe they will return. I guess it is eagle season here.

As for quilts, yesterday I finished Klota's paper-pieced golds, oranges, yellows...and then a smaller birthday cake quilt...very cute and cheery. Last night I pinned up one of mine!! It is a funky little chicken quilt that I made at the retreat. I made it up as I went, so there is no set pattern. I love to piece that way.

Today my sweet friend Stephanie is coming for lunch...she is the most creative gal....we make a great team with her piecing and my quilting. We are both Freddy Moran groupies too.

Well, gotta go eat some breakfast and get to quilting on my chickens....more later...Judy

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