Monday, September 30, 2013

A Visit to the VET

Good morning kitty fans!   Well, I finally have to tell you that I learned what that VET thing was all about.  Mom got up early today and  put me in  that little red house with the screens all around.  Then she zipped up one end and locked me in!!   I was stuck in that thing......out the door and into that big, black, noisy car.  Gosh it was scarey.   I think it needs a new muffler as it was so noisy and every time we went over a bump my little red house would bounce up and scarey is that for a tiny kitty??  Mom kept talking to me so I wouldn't be afraid, but it was still scarey.  Finally we got to the VET and mom took me out of the noisy car and into the VET....we sat and waited a few minutes until the VET's helper came and took me away into the back room.  Mom didn't come, but I pretended to be brave and went with him.  I could always scratch him with my teeny little needle claws if I had to. 
They said I weighed 1.3 pounds...what does that mean?   Gosh, that does not sound like much to said I like to eat way too much, so  I hope she keeps my kibble dish nice and full.  The VET gave me something called a didn't hurt too much....they checked me out and thought I wasn't quite as old as mom thought.  The VET said I looked good, but, then, I knew that.  I am sooooo cute.   Mom was happy to hear that, and made another date for the VET next month....oh, I have to go back there again??
The Vet said I might not feel well after the shot.......I did pretty well for awhile when I got home, but pretty soon I got a fever and just wanted to cuddle up under mom's chin and rest.  Mom was so worried that I was sick....but by next morning I was my usual rowdy self.
 I have been keeping busy since then  running around the house, up and down dad's big chair by that computer, and  playing on the bed at night when they are trying to sleep.  Even though I am naughty sometimes, they love me and tell me how cute I am.  I gotta make the best of this now, cuz when I am older I don't think I will be so cute, and will not play and do all those cute tricks I can do now!
Today mom has to get busy on a quilt with a VW on it.  Later this week she has to work at the big quilt show in La Conner.  I won't get to see her much while she is working there.  I will have to think up some cute new tricks to show her while she is away working.
I hope you will check in on me later this week to see what I am doing.  I hope you have fun today climbing up the backs of chairs and jumping off the footstool, too.   I can jump about 3 feet....maybe I will  join the circus when I get older.  I could work on the trapeze!   Have a fun day....Sparkie
 See, aren't I cute???
 Mom is teaching me how to use the computer so I can blog!
WE tried a lava cake recipe...ooooohhhhh, soooo good....I love chocolate.

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