Monday, September 23, 2013

A Note From Sparkie

Hi  kitten lovers!
My name is Sparkie, and I have  recently been adopted by my new mom and dad, Ken and Judy.  I was the perfect choice, even though they thought another black cat would be perfect.  When Judy came in to look at the kittens  in my house, she picked me right up....I guess it was the beautiful sparkly eyes that spoke to her!  They were blue last week, but I think they are changing a little more to green, just like the sparkly green eyes that were in her cat dream last month!
I had to stay with my other family till Tuesday night when "mom" got home from Whidbey Island.   They already had my new litter box and food dish, food and such necessary items.  I just looked so cute, they couldn't help but love me right off, and I felt right at home from when first got to their house.
I didn't hide under the couch or try to play hard to get at all. 
I  chased toys, ran around looking cute, and  ate out of my new bowl and used my litter box without any coaching at all.  Of course mom had to mash up my kibble a little bit.  Even for kitten food it was pretty big,  so I guess she figured it needed tinier pieces.  Meow Mix, my favorite.
The first night was pretty good...I guess mom was afraid she would roll over on me in bed, so she got up about 1 am and slept in her recliner with me right on her tummy and snuggled under her chin.  The next night I slept in the recliner all by myself, snuggled up in  a great big quilt.
Of course the next day I had to be as cute as possible so she would really love me and  give me lots of kisses and hold me whenever she could. I love to climb up her jeans leg and try to see what is cooking in the kitchen.  I even tried to climb up the drawer pulls, and made it up to the third one. 
I love to follow their big feet around the house and jump out to scare them!  Climbing onto their lap when they are busy is great fun, too.
I love my kibble, so mom will have to watch that I don't get too fat like my cousin Obie...he is 25 pounds...yikes.   I don't want to have to on the treadmill or give up my kibble allowance.
I love to play with my toys, and even use my scratching post.  Mom thinks I am pretty smart and brags about me all the time.  Right now I am climbing up her leg to take a quick nap on her lap while she is  helping me type this blog.  What is a blog, anyway??
I will have to learn how to be more technically literate in the 21st century.  Being a cat used to be so simple....just eat, play, look cute, and sleep.  Now I have to know how to do the keyboard and write blogs.
This morning I woke mom up  early trying to crawl under her chin and into her hands.....she gave up and sat in her recliner.  I guess I better stop for now, and let her give me some hugs.  I know she has to go back to work, and I will take a nap in her chair all snuggled up in my quilt.   She says I have to go to something called a VET.....I wonder what that is.  I hope they have   toys and treats.   with love, Sparkie

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  1. Cute kitty and I love her name! I'll love hearing all about her on Saturday.