Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun and Inspiration at the La Conner Quiltfestival 2013

Hi everyone.....while Sparkie takes a break, I will fill you in on the Quiltfestival at La Conner.....what inspirational quilts there were.  Kathy McNeill was the Best of Show winner with another of her beautiful pictorial quilts.  There were so many other great ones...I especially loved one from Iowa that was pieced and appliqued on top of an antique quilt.....big, wonderful cornstalks with leaves all around and buttons galore.
There was a great chicken, and underwater scene, and many others that made my creative brain spin!
The weather was great, which made walking around town fun, too. 
I worked all day Wed. thru Saturday......had to get the vendors set up, and then make sure they got their breaks.
Oh, did I mention the garments that were so wonderful, especially the one with the New York city skyline and prairie points small than my baby fingernail!  An artist from Holland entered a few that were appliqued....WOW, is all I can say. 
Sadly pictures were not allowed, so you will have to send for a can find it on the Museum website.  Then you can be inspired, too.
Sparkie did pretty well with me being gone so much, but  I did miss her, and she was happy to see me everyday when I got home.  Oh, Oh,   the VET again next week.....maybe they can clip those razor sharp little toenails she has.
I hope you will all be inspired to quilt something new and exciting, too.   Judy
Since I can't post pictures of the La Conner show I will post some of the MQX show.....another awe-inspiring show with unbelievably beautiful quilts.

Well, after about 10 tries to insert image.....the computer keeps giving me a message that won't allow pix to load....will have to try again tomorrow....makes for a dull blog!  Judy

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