Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Greetings

Hi all....well who could guess that January is nearly half over. I wish I had more time to write in my blog, post pictures and work on my website. Time is too short, and so are my computing brains. It takes so much to figure all that computer stuff out. Lately I have been trying to post some pix to that flickr site, thats to dear opal...ha....Now my password is all kerfluky....I think one password is a great idea, which I try to do, but with so many things needing passwords, I often think I should change them up a bit. That is my undoing. HELP>>>>HELP!!!
Well, tonite I want to write a bit on my blog, and then try to work on my website. I have a little book with hints how to do it, but that may not be enough.
Today's weather has been about the worst weather we have had this winter, except for a few days of very freezing cold temps. We had a dusting of snow, sleet and cold. Some people got a few unches north of us.
I am not missing the cold morning run to feed the goats and alpacas....but I do miss my critters talking to me. The fish are pretty well at the bottom of the pond, altho I did see a few of them up the other day when it was a bit warmer. I guess they were hoping for a snack.
Tommy Boy is doing very well after his diabetic seizure and getting off the insulin altogether. He is running around like a kid again.
Today was meet the teacher day at Aunt Mary's, but the bad weather kept the gals away, I think. I taught for my Quilters' Anonymous Guild on Thursday...machine was soooo much fun and the gals did a fabulous job, all 24 or so of them.
I have just entered my pieces for the QA quilt show in is completely done, one is in my imagination...the challenge...and another marked and ready to quilt. It will be a great incentive to get cracking and finish them in time for the show. It is a great thing that I work well under pressure.
A visit to the LaConner Museum to see the Thom Atkins exhibit proved truly inspirational and mind boggling. I hope many of you in the area get to see this show. My mind is still reeling from the Ann Fahl exhibit. No excuses for not getting inspired if you live around here.
Well, guess I will try to post a few photos, and then move on to the website....have a great week....judy
OK.....I goofed again, but that is ok....the first quilt of the snowy trees with the ravens is by Thom Atkins as is the bird....they beads are just loaded on these quilts, you have to see them to believe them....I LOVE the ravens in the snowy you get two chances to enjoy them! One of the pictures some how did not get posted...I will show it next time. Thom will also be teaching at Quiltfestival 2012, so you have a chance to be taught by the expert....I know I plan to sign up!

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