Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas or Happy New Year???

Judy and Tommy Boy....He is such a good boy!
Ann Fahl's quilts are on display at the LaConner Quilt Museum....look at her website and check out her books...she is WONDERFUL!!
One of Ann Fahl's quilts....looks like my Tommy Boy...except he is all black. When he started to drink out of the toilet a lot, I thought maybe he was diabetic, and he was!
My seahorse quilt just finished, and a detail of the movie fabric Lonestar below.

Greetings, Friends.
How can it be that it is nearly January 1, 2012??? Where does the time go? I guess hours of quilting, pondering new quilts to be made, yardwork (in the summer), teaching quilting, and on it goes. It has been a wonderful year for me and my hubby, and hope your year was great too.
We did decide to un-adopt our alpacas and goats. During the summer we started thinking about winter coming, and getting up and out feeding all the critters in the cold winter mornings....too much work for two old fogies! We found great homes for the goats....they have llamas for friends, and a new home for the alpacas....with a donkey to play with! I am glad they are happily adopted by loving new parents. I do miss them, but we still have our fish to keep us busy during the warm months. They are all hibernating nicely now.
I am busy making a few new quilts for samples for teaching. I posted the seahorse one above. It is from Kaffe's new book...Quilts from Sweden. Soon Sara Nephew will have another book out. I am getting a couple more quilts ready for her January photo shoot. She always comes up with great ideas based on her 60 degree ruler and diamonds.
So far our winter has been quite mild, with a few well below freezing days. No snow yet other than a sprinkle and some very heavy frost. That makes me really happy!
I am going to get started on a new challenge for my guild...a color challenge, and I picked blue/green.....sooooo, guess that means another koi quilt. We can use the complementary color which means orange.....great for koi! I am collecting fabric for that at the moment.
I saw the hoarding marathon on tv, and that keeps me inspired to keep cleaning out stuff in the studio. Gosh, how does one person get so much stuff?? At least there are no dead critters or bugs to deal with. Just a zillion unfinished projects and lots of fabric etc. etc......I am determined to make a dent this winter. I will post some pix as I work along....I need some accountability.
Hope you all have a great week, and are ready to usher in the new year with lots of creative projects. I will post some of mine as they develop.....have fun this week. Judy