Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Blackbirds have flown in!!

This was the snowy bird feeder from yesterday's snow...no birds!
I love my thread colors...use these smaller spools for my classes!
I am loving to quilt peacock feathers....the girls in my classes have done some beautiful ones too.My friend Sue Utt loves Ruth McDowell style quilts...this is her latest, of Bear, the dog. Who couldn't love that sweet face??
Good morning all....we are SNOWED IN! Well, only about 6" at this point, but the snow is falling in those luscious, lacey flakes...the big fluffly ones. I am just about to get to the studio and work. At least we still have power so the long-arm is operational. I was so amazed to see a big flock of red-wing blackbirds stop by for lunch yesterday. This morning they are still back. I want to get a picture, but they fly away quickly. Guess I will try again this morning.l
Well, just a quick report, and will write later with some snow pix....have a great day...judy

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  1. Wow she looks wonderful....you always do such a marvelous job. She was a very Loved, appreciated and fun dog. We miss her like crazy. She made us all laugh and giggle. What a gift that is!!
    Thanks Judy!! Big hug to you!!