Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quilt Shows

My challenge quilt for the Leavenworth show....Mountains of Fabric! I made this one while on the cruise....we were rocking and rolling pretty good that night!

I got this picture at a show in New York while I was there teaching.

Our annual outdoor quilt show and barbecue...It is always fun. You should try it too.

One of my chicken quilts made without a pattern...cut and paste!

This summer was a great one for quilt shows. In July we had our Busy Bee Quilt Show. It is always a great our guild has so many creative and talented quilters. Our challenge this year had to be a quilt with a spiderweb some place visible.....soooo, I used one of my woven pieces and added koi, of course. All in all, it turned out pretty good. Now I have another sample for my woven quilt classes!! Sadly, attendance was down, as it seems to be in all of our guild shows. I think the economy has had an impact, as well as the quilting world in general seems to be slowing down a bit. I still have some classes to teach each quarter, so I am grateful for that, as I really love to teach quilting and get new people involved in this wonderful world.

In August was the APWQ quilt show in Tacoma. That was a first for this show, as in the past it had been in Seattle. The quilts were just beyond creative, and many were of the "artsy" variety, which I LOVE. Got lots of pictures, and visited the vendors. My little challenge quilt was in the show, and I later learned it took a second place ribbon with the viewers. That is my favorite kind of ribbon.

Today I will be taking 2 quilts to the La Conner Museum for their up-coming show. That always proves to be a great weekend....check the web to see information about that show the first weekend of October.

My quilting buddy Liz and I went up to Leavenworth, WA to see their show last week....another collection of great quilts. I never cease to marvel at the creativity found in the quilt world. I ideas are endless, and the craftsmanship so meticulous and stitched with such love. I am so glad I am a part of this wonderful world. Well, speaking of quilting, I have a beauty on the frame this morning that needs to be finished before I leave for the Museum....happy quilting to you all.....jude


  1. Enjoying your better blogging. Sally

  2. Me too Sally although, one can't be great at everything...Judy's a great Gammill solderer!