Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good check-up

This is my Tommy Boy...isn't he a handsome fellow? He can be quite a character when he feels good....
The Lion Brand yarn store in NYC had these crocheted cannolis made up for a pattern, but a clever crocheter can make them!...or how about a bowl of crocheted salad??? Pretty clever. The colorful quilt at the right is from the Bumblebeans gal...they had some on display in Manhattan when I was there...Enjoy!

HI....well, we just got back from the vet...that would be Tommy Boy and me.....his blood sugar is now 394. That is going in the right direction since we started over 600. It is amazing that cats can get diabetes and have to take insulin. The vet cat is a pretty one....white, grey and black with long hair. He is 20 years old. Well, our old guy is starting to feel better....he hangs around us more now, and wants to go outside more.

Well, just mailed Kaffe and Liza's last book quilt....I think it is the last one....Rice Bowls...pretty neat, too. I can't wait to see this book. They are always so beautiful with exquisite photos. It will be out pretty soon I think. The last newest, Quilts in Sweden is pretty neat....check out the bar code quilt. I think I want to make that one among others!

oday we have sun, unlike yesterday when the rains gushed down for a couple hours. I felt like there was a giant water faucet over my studio, on, off, and on again. Gosh, It was a gullywasher! Pretty soon we will have to drain the pond down if this keeps up.

Today I will put up Freddy's Gee's Bend style quilt in red, black and white. It should be a graphic one for sure. I am teaching this afternoon at Pacific Fabric...the Lone Star. I am also starting another lone star for me! I don't think I have enough. This one is in blacks, pinks, lime greens and white. I will post a picture next time so you can see those FAB colors, too. For today I think I will post a few more quilts and such from my New York trip...I think some of them will be from Bumblebeans....check her website. I don't remember how to do links, so you will just have to check for yourself. Where is my guru, Sharon??? I got a notice on the blog about some new picture stuff. Guess I will try to figure that out. Oh, my.....that could be interesting.
Well, gotta go and pin up Freddy's quilt and also do a small baby quilt for a shower. Hope you all have a great day and some quilting done,, jude


  1. Hello Judy, I'm right here. Here's a link to Bumble Beans.

  2. And here am I, Bumble Beans... ;-) Didn't know you got to see my quilts!