Thursday, September 1, 2011

More summer news!

I had beautiful red poppies in my garden again this year. It was the second year for them. I hope I can get them to bloom as well next year.

Freddy Moran's quilt. I always have fun quilting her quilts. They are soooo happy and colorful. I am doing a huge lonestar tomorrow. She has given me permission to post her pix, so I can let you enjoy them, too.

I had fun taking pictures of some of my thread. I LOVE thread.

more thread.

Hi again...I cannot believe I am writing two days in a row. This one will be a little shorter. I want to post a few pix from some quilts and my lovely red poppies.

I had a scarey moment a couple days ago when my Gammill was dead as a door nail, so to speak. After trying everything I knew to do, I called Jack Boersma....a Gammill dealer in OR...also a great quilt shop....and he suggested I change out the back switch...when I opened up the switch, there it was...a wire after soldering it back, re-attaching the switch....just like motor was humming. Ya gotta love that sound. Thanks, Jack!

Today I will quilt a large batik for my friend Becky in CT. Then back to Freddy's pile! We have a great sunny day here today, so that will make it pleasant. I can enjoy that when I take my fish feeding breaks. My fishy-boys look so beautiful and healthy. They sure can eat.

Well, gotta get going for now. Judy

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