Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bye Bye Goat Girls and Alpacas

We made the big decision and found new homes for our sweet critters. I guess with winter coming and the thought of tromping through the mud and snow to feed everyone got to be too much for these two old fogies. We found great homes for the goats, our neighbors' friends....they even have llamas, so the goat girls are right at home and have settled in nicely with a new pecking order, yet. Seems our bossy goat is now at the bottom of the new pecking order at her new home! The alpacas are back on Camano Island, with some donkeys for playmates. I miss them a lot, but now we have the neighbors goats grazing in our yard when they want...we opened the fence for them to go back and forth. Well, enough about the sad story of giving up or critters. Now we are just concentrating on our Kitty Boy and the Fish!
We are still trying to figure out the flow on our pond through the new UV filter, but I think with the very hot weather, we are growing algae faster than the UV can kill it off.
I tried to take a 3-point landing head first into the stream a couple days ago. Just trying to pick a few weeds out and lost my balance. Boy, I found muscles I didn't know I had after that episode. I did not get a bath...lucky for me!
Since the cruise I have been trying to finish up as much as possible for my customers...just sent off the last of the book quilts to Liza Lucy yesterday....at least I think it was the last. This should be a great book, too.....photos will be taken in Bulgaria I think....wow, wish I could go along and be a gohper for them.
Today my little Goof Balls group comes over for sewing, and hanging out. I got some fun new ideas to show them, and hopefully we can finish up some things as well.....I will have to share about the Raku beach party we had last weekend on the next post. In the meantime, hope you all are enjoying the fall days and great weather before we have to snuggle up for the winter season. Will write soon.....judy

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