Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sisters, here we come!!

Good morning...what an event couple of last post somehow disappeard into annoying. I was going to re-do it, but never got back to it...I don't know what happened. Here I was trying to edit something, and boom....gone, forever....Oh, where is my blog guru when I need her. I am thinking how to change the colors on my blog so you can read things more easily, but I need help with that. I would probably lose the whole thing...

Well, tomorrow my hubby and I leave for the weekend in Sisters, OR. The big show is this weekend, and it will be only about 80 degrees..which will be great. Sometimes it is way toooooo hot there. Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston will be there, so I can say hi again to them in person.

I have another Freddy quilt waiting and 4 more from Liza and Kaffe. That is the end of theirs for the next Rowan book. I am still trying to get my whole cloth quilt finished and off the frame. I am using a hand dyed fabric and just stitching all kinds of things into it. It will be interesting, if nothing else. I can use it for a sample, too. Our Busy Bee show will be here soon, the end of the month. I still have 4 more quilts to do for that. Two are mine, so if they don't get quilted, no big deal. We have an outdoor quilt and garden show in Mukilteo, WA a week from Saturday. It is really neat to put the quilts in gardens. I think you could find it on the Mukilteo Lighthouse Guild on line. I will not try to make a link, or everything will disappear, or you will get a whole page of nonsense.

The pond project moves along, and with the heat last weekend, we almost passed out in the heat. We got most of the bottom drain plumbing done, so now we have the bottom contours and such to smooth out. Then we have to level the sides all around and other things, but on the last weekend of the month we hope to get the lining in. Oh, happy day. My fish guy is keeping my new fish in his tanks at the shop...they have their own apartment....thank goodness he is not charging me rent!

Well, guess I should go to PO and stop the mail, finish my whole cloth and plant my last few daisies....I love daisies. Have a great day, and I will post some pictures of Sisters next week. In the meanwhile, don't forget to enjoy summer where you are! Judy

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