Friday, July 24, 2009


Hi All...It is a cool day here today, weatherwise, that is! It may be a cool day too, of working on the pond. It is always "cool" to do that. I can remember when I was first teaching that the word "cool" was in, so to speak. Everything just gets recycled, even before it was the thing to do!

Today my hubby is home, tax season over, means Fridays off sometimes. YAY!! We will work on the pond, but first I have to finish my quilt for the show. I am using a pesky metallic thread which keeps breaking. I don't know why, as it usually sews forever without breaking. Anyway, I keep forging forward. I am glad it is just a small wall-hanging. I have to bind it and another quite large one yet before WED. Yikes, I better get going. Then I can start Liza and Kaffe's remaining quilts for the new book.

Our pond project is nearly ready for the lining next Sat. Today we have to finish leveling the edges and get the pipes all covered with dirt. I can't wait till that is all done so I can finally plant my plants around that area.

Yesterday we went to the LaConner Quilt Goofballs and I. The Goofballs are my little group that comes once a month to sew. We have a great time. Anyway, there is a great museum exhibit of contemporary quilts mostly made with hand dyes! It is great....check out the website to see if there is any info on it. We could not take pix, so I can't share, but suffice it to say, it was inspiring, and gave me some ideas for my 3 tubs of hand dyes.

I plan to have a dye workshop here at my studio on Aug. 14, if you want to come, and live close enough! Well, gotta go, my hubby is making pancakes with sour cream and of my favorites! Talk to you all later....Judy

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