Monday, July 20, 2009

Quilt and Garden show a smashing success

Hi All....

We had the Mukilteo, WA quilt and garden show this last Saturday. It was a smashing success. The garden I worked in had 29 quilts displayed. We had a huge garden, and it was begun 40 years ago when the homeowners built their beautiful home on the Puget Sound looking toward Whidbey Island. Ferry boats and freighters ply up and down and back and forth. Not to mention all the sail boats and power boats. Anyway, it was great fun. I even met a couple from my hometown of Saginaw, MI. What a small world.

I only got to visit about 3 other gardens on my lunch break, but one was really packed every square inch with flowers and shrubs and greens of every kind. The secret is to pack it in to keep the weeds out! He had a couple little boardwalks across the dry creek as well. It was great for ideas that I can use in my pond project. Maybe you are in a group where you would like to try a quilt and garden show. It was well worth the hard work.

Since the last time I had trouble with getting titles by my pix, I will just say that the pictures in this post are from the quilt and garden show, with one of our pond project at the end. We hope to put in the liner on August 1...yeah!! Then we will slowly have to fill the pond and move the fish. It turned out to be a much bigger and longer project than we imagined.

One of the goat girls figured out how to escape through the fence. After two escapes, we finally figured out she was slipping between two fences that didn't have enough closures...these goats are way toooo smart. Well, now they are in for good, we hope!

I have to quilt a show quilt today. Hope to finish, because the next Kaffe and Liza quilts are waiting for completion for their next book.

Hope you all are having a great summer. Judy Irish

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