Saturday, May 2, 2009

back in the saddle!

Greetings...shame on me!! I have not written in at least a week...what has happened? Too much work, and not much news, I guess. I did finish 2 quilts for the new Kaffe by Mary Mashuta, and one by Roberta Horton. They always have quilts in the Rowan books. They come up with some great things.

The goat girls are fine, eating everything in sight. Hopefully they will keep the new blackberries mowed down. They love their alfalfa pellets and I love to give them extra snacks! They are pretty loveable. I hope I won't mind giving them up when they go back to their real "family"

My hubby is doing very well after his adventures with 5 stents, and working like before. We have been working on putting up some gates and fences to keep the neighborhood dogs out. So far we have put up one gate, and some slightly tilted fence posts! One of the dogs climbs straight up the fences like a time will tell if these will work.

Our pond project is still on hold till things dry out some more. We need the bottom to be dry to install drains and liner. Maybe by July??

My brother and his wife were here for a few days, and I got some help with cleaning and sorting books in my studio. I will have to send some pix of some of the organized areas some time. I think it may be hopeless!

Oh, today we had fun at our longarm meeting. We have great gals and each is a star in her own right. One has a statler stitcher and some have mid-arm or other machines for quilting. Some do only charity quilts, and others quilt for customers. But we all have a great time and enjoy sharing about our work and how and where to get supplies quickly and for good prices.

Well, guess that is enough for tonite. Hopefully will have more to report next time. I hope you and yours are well and enjoying the spring weather in good health. Till next time, happy quilting...Judy

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