Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a beautiful weekend!

Good morning all!

What a wonderful weekend...weatherwise. We put up my new flags to celebrate all the freedoms with which we are so richly blessed. We thank all those who have so selflessly served our nation both now and and in the past. They are true HEROES.

It is cloudy this morning, but over the weekend we had lots of beautiful weather for mowing, weeding, fencing, and working on the pond. We got the back part of the waterfalls built up with chunks of re-cycled concrete and dirt filled in as well...it is finally starting to shape up there. As for the hole in the ground, we are still trying to pump dry so we can install the koi toilets...I think that is such a funny name, but actually the name of the product which works as the bottom drain to keep things flushed and clean. We still have lots to learn, but have a very good teacher north of us where we buy our equipment.

I finished Freddy's quilt...very colorful, of course. One more to go for her. It is a fabulous collection of selvages. I hope it goes in a future book. As for me...I finally got my paper-pieced project up and began to quilt on it. I hope I can quilt out all my wonky piecing. It was a definite challenge, and not one I plan to take on again for awhile. I do have some more similar patterns, but I think one a year of those is enough to make me totally nuts.

I will post a few pictures and get to work. I want to finish my quilt today so I can get to some others by tomorrow....have a great day. Judy

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