Monday, April 20, 2009

My Studio

Greetings from sunny spring finally here?? Today is sunny....although not real warm yet. The koi have been pretty active which is always a good sign of warm weather. I can feed them and say hi and take a nose count. I finally saw Fluffles, my big U.S. born butterfly koi. He isn't worth so much since he didn't come from Japan, but he is sure, black and white spots. I will try to get pictures up some day.

Today my friend Opal will be coming over to hang out and sew. We always have a great time. She has some web things I will have to post...sites or blogs or twitters or something. You can look at her things. She did journals every week for 2 years...what an amazing thing. They are wonderful.

I thought I would post pictures of my messy studio. One is of my big sewing table..originally it was going to be a cutting spot...ha....all it does is collect day my girl-friend came by, looked in the window and left...she said she couldn't even see me...the junk was too high...yikes...who has time to clean.??? I do have a great design wall where I hung barn doors...they go in front of my storage shelves, which, by the way, are pretty neat and organized by color and theme. I always say I am going to charge a fee for the gals to bring their husbands through....then they will never complain about their wives' stashes again! Ha...I thought that was a pretty good idea.....till next time....judy

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