Monday, April 6, 2009

Sun, at last!

Good morning, Sunshine!

Happy is sunny today. Yesterday was sunny as well, and the pond temp was 50, so I fed my fish just a tad to get them in the if they need to be in the mood to eat...kinda like their mom! (Except I don't like fishfood) The fishy boys looked very healthy so far, and pretty fat for a winter spent at the bottom of the pond in the ice and snow, and with no food since October. I have a few more new ones on hold, so it will be fun to get the pond things going again and to work on the new pond. I hope they like their new home, if ever we can get it done.

I am going to post a picture of one of my student's quilts, with an African theme. She took my class a few weeks ago, and sent me a picture of her finished top. I think it came out FABULOUSLY I am sharing it with you as well as some pictures I took at sew day with Linda and the gals last Friday. I spent the whole time cutting my kaffe fabric for a new pattern I designed...I am calling this quilt Krazy for Kaffe! I will post it when I get the top finished.

I hope you all have a wonderful day...I am off to quilt a chicken quilt, and hopefully send it home to Oklahoma. Have fun...judy

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