Thursday, April 16, 2009

busy bees tonite

Tonite is our guild meeting as well as the day group. Klota and I will be handing out our materials for the 2010 raffle quilt. We decided to do jewel tones and stars on black background with an applique border. We also have Lynn Majidimehr as our speaker tonite. If you type her name into search, you should be able to find her site and quilts. She does really great stuff!

I think we may have a sunny day at some point....yeah. I am getting pretty antsy to get into the garden and yard work. We will have to outsmart all the dogs from our neighbors who like to play in our yard and pond. We are working on a fence system. Maybe we can get it right and the dogs will be on the outside.

Gotta go feed the goats and check the fish...hope you all have a great day. I will post some of Lynn's quilts on tomorrow's blog. Have a great day! Judy

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